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My Twitter

I have created a Twitter account and since I can interact with it on my cell I can now have conversations with out having to search for free wifi.  Great huh so if anyone wanted to talk to me they now can.  I have had it for a while but no followers so it is kind of getting boring.  As for the blog I am getting rid of it. With no wifi it is hard to interact with it.

My Twitter is

oh the Twitter is a bit X rated so no under 18 s


The blog is back up

I had to delete it and then recreate but it is ready for visitors again. I can't believe I had to do that but it is done. I also added in a clickbank storefront. So enjoy looking about the store.

blog .elizarose .ws


I decided to open a clickbank account.  Even though I am not that good at getting traffic I figured I would give it a try.  My account nickname is erose1982. Cool huh? Like I said before I am. Not that good with traffic so I probably would not make any money. 

Damm it

I did something and now I can' t get back inti the blog.  Why me seriously I just fixed the problem and my fat fingers just recreated it.

Found a follow plugin

I think I found a follow plugin for the site. Not quite to sure about it but let's see how it works. Now all I have to find is a donate botton and a tag creator. Shame there is no plugin for traffic. Oh I have a new post.

blog .elizarose .ws

I can't believe I forgot the hour

Seriously I thought it was 6pm and it is actually 7pm which means I have to wait longer for the bus since it now comes ever hour. Oh well it could be worse, I could be out in the freezing cold.

check out my blog 
blog. elizarose .ws/index.php/about/

I just posted my first post

I just posted my first post on my buys on my new blog. There is a photo I am hoping to add more later.

blog. elizarose. Ws

Finally figured out how to use my elizarose .ws domain

Yes I finally figured out how to use my elizarose .ws domain so now I have another blog. I am still trying to fix it up but you can check it out.

blog .elizarose .ws

remember I put spaces at the dots so that my posts can go public in EP

For cat lovers

Someone through WP sent me this link to a WP blog about a cat named Toulouse. It is so cute.
toulousestail .wordpress .com

This was through my first name blog not my middle name like this one is.

ps I put spaces between the dots in the link so that this would go public keep that in mind as you try to use the link.

I just tried to open a blog at and they suspended my blog. No idea why I just wrote a small post about the cross pendant just to start it off. It also had the same photo as the one in my photos. Maybe they thought I was spamming my self.

Washing Dishes

I make between $600-$800 washing dishes. It is not fun my legs are swollen and I am always wet. Add in idiots who keep on getting hired by the new manager. This one girl does not speak English that well and does not remember how to do anything even after I and others have shown her several times. One time she took over an hour putting table cloths on the tables. There are only 28 tables it should take about 20 min. Then there was the time she decided to start on the ice water before putting the cutlery out on the tables an hour before the dinner rush. Her reason she needed to put the water in the fridge so it would be cold. She is alway saying why are you telling me what to do and yelling at me? Gee I wonder why. Anyways I think it is time for a new job hopefully one that puts me above the poverty line instead of under it, a person needs at least $1200 a month just to live out here.

A pendant I bought during the summer

I forgot to post about the silver cross I bought during the summer. It is nothing special but I love posting photos of my jewelry in my photos. I got the pendant at the same place as the other jewelry on sale for around $10 they were getting rid of stock. 


Over 3000 views

Wow a few of the blog posts have been posted about 6 months ago and they have over 3000 views each. If only I had a dollar for every view..... My other blog is lucky to get 1 view a year. Wow

The strange phone call

My grandmather this morning got the oddest phone call. Someone asked for Elizabeth M.... and when she said that was her they said that they were not calling for an old Lady but for someone born in 1982. Strange since I never use her name and the only thing I could think of is this site since I use my middle name as my username, but I don't use her #. Nothing else makes sense since I use my name not hers. Strange huh.

On sale

I just bought 2rings both silver with different gem stones. One is a blue topaz my birthstone the other is a tigers eye. The price for both...$34.63, they were 75% off.

If Only

Here is a house that is just the right size. Unfortunately there is now bath tube. Well I also can't afford. Saskatchewan has some cute little houses. You can't find any thing over 1000sqft in BC.

listings.myrealpage .com/wps/recip/11901/details-29799729 Here is a condo I like

Three things

Here are three things a woman or any person needs to be financially secure.

1) A Home
Paid for and mortgage free.

2) A good Savings Account and TFSA
with great interest and the TFSA at the yearly max.

3) Investments
one that do not lose much value. Bonds, jemstone jewelry, etc.

Unfortunately without 1) the other stuff is worthless because you will be paying landlords all of 2-3 since rent on a batch is over $700 and if you live till 80...

I now have an iPad mini

I now have an iPad. I had never bought one before since Apple is expensive but I saved up and decided why not since I needed something small in order to take to the cafe for the wifi. I am still trying to figure it out but I like it.

Well that was stupid of me.

I was recharging my kobo e reader  and since my desk is also my bed I sat on it and broke the screen.  As I said in the title that was stupid of me.  Oh well.  It was the old version which I bought a few months ago because it was on sale.  Since I got it for 49 pounds and got to read a few free classic novels it was not a complete waste.  Plus I can save all the novels on my computer and read them on there.

I am back in Canada

Well for the past few months I have been busy.  During the last few months in the UK I had a hard time accessing this site due to dial up and the site updating.  Then I was busy packing in order to move back to Canada.  I stayed in Toronto for a few days and hated it.  It was like a London want to be with Canadian buildings.  So I moved in with Grandma.  After which I had sever jet lag and then a cold.  I always seem to catch a cold after flying.  Anyways I had my 30th Birthday at the begining of this month.  So that was what has been happening with me.

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